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Content Moderation & Removal at Scale

05 Feb 2019
Altiero Spinelli Building A1G-3, European Parliament, Brussels

This conference organized by the ALDE group will explore how Internet companies develop and implement internal rules and policies in the area of content moderation. What are the challenges they currently face to moderate or remove illegal and controversial content, including hate speech, terrorist content, disinformation and copyright infringing material?  And how would future European regulations affect these practices?

A number of internet companies routinely say that moderating and removing such content is hard and expensive, but operational facts and figures about these practices are hard to come by. This conference aims to fill that knowledge gap, and will critically assess the moderation and removal of third party/user-generated content (UGC) by these companies in the EU.

Registrations for this event are closed, but you can watch the livestream of the event here: