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ALDE statement on hearing on freedom of Bulgarian media

ALDE Press release, 18.06.2012 The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Group in the European Parliament is a long-standing promoter of human rights and civil liberties inside the European Union and beyond it's borders. In this context the 6 June 2012 Hearing on Media freedom in Bulgaria was one of the events in the series of activities dedicated to the work of ALDE in both Civil Liberties and Foreign Affairs committees on the subject. In response to the statement of Bulgaria Media Union the following statement was released: - ALDE rejects in the strongest of terms any insinuations of "dubious funding" or "interference in the work of the Bulgarian journalists". - Situation of Media in the European Union in general and in Bulgaria in particular requires serious and unequivocal parliamentary scrutiny. This is the responsibility of a democratically elected institution that is the European Parliament. It falls within the remit of the European Parliament to monitor and deliberate on the respect to the Charter of Fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty. - Bulgarian Media Union (BMU) together with other relevant bodies were invited to attend the Hearing. So were the most prominent European civil society organisations that focus their work on the freedom of the media. Therefore as confirmed by the European Commission, Reporters without Borders, the European Newspaper Publishers Association, reports from Freedom House and from the US Department of State and discussion during the hearing confirmed there are serious problems with the freedom of the media in Bulgaria. It is regretful that BMU did not find it possible to attend the event and offer their most valuable contribution. - ALDE Group will continue its work on the subject of the media freedom. As a follow-up to the hearing and preparation of Parliamentary reports by Marietje SCHAAKE, MEP and Renate WEBER, MEP further debates will take place both in parliamentary and broader civil society context to ensure factual, impartial and comprehensive preparation of the European Parliament position in the matter.