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Any future EU-Turkey relations should be rooted in rule of law conditions

Press release

The European Parliament will debate the annual progress report on Turkey today at 15:00 in Strasbourg. The votes will take place tomorrow at 12:30. 

MEP Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE):

"The relationship between the EU and Turkey is deteriorating rapidly. For years we have expressed our significant concerns about the rule of law as well as the lack of respect for press freedom and democracy in Turkey. These concerns have only increased over the past year. If the package of constitutional reforms that was adopted with a slim majority during referendum is adopted unchanged, this will mean the end of the accession process to the EU. To the European Parliament this is crystal clear, while the European Commission and Member State governments seem to prefer cooperation with President Erdogan, and are silent in the face of the major problems in the country."

Human rights

While the accession negotiations are effectively frozen, the EU and Turkey will have to cooperate as important neighbours. Schaake: "Cooperation on trade, security and asylum/migration is essential. But to the large number of people in Turkey who are deeply worried about the future of their county, it is absolutely essential that the EU will always make cooperation conditional on respect for the rule of law and human rights."

European Parliament called for a freeze in the negotiations last year, until the rule of law and respect for human rights were restored. 

Watch the debate via the livestream.