Attacks on LGBTI community in Azerbaijan

Parliamentary questions

Together with Sophie in 't Veld, Marietje Schaake today submitted the questions below to High Commissioner Federica Mogherini.


Reports suggest that over the past two weeks, dozens of people have been arrested, imprisoned and fined in Azerbaijan for "looking gay". According to LGBTI activists and lawyers based in the country members of the LGBTI community have reported being assaulted, forcibly medically examined, fined or forced to reveal contact details from their mobile phones by law enforcement officials.

- Is the HR/VP aware of this recent crackdown on the LGBTI community in Azerbaijan and will she call for a thorough and independent investigation of the human rights situation of LGBTI persons in Azerbaijan?

- Following the LGBTI Guidelines (1) what concrete actions will the HR/VP take to improve the human rights situation of LGBTI persons in Azerbaijan?  

- The EU is currently negotiating a new Association Agreement with Azerbaijan; what effect will the developments described above, as well as the ongoing crackdown on civil society in Azerbaijan have on these negotiations and will the HR/VP consider freezing these negotiations?   

(1) Guidelines to promote and protect the enjoyment of all human rights by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons (2013)