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Ban of opposition in Venezuela

Written Questions to High Representative Mogherini

On 11 December, Marietje Schaake asked the following questions to High Representative Mogherini.


Following the controversial installation of the undemocratic constitutional assembly and Maduro’s increasing authoritarian grip on power, the EU imposed an arms embargo on Venezuela on November 13th 2017.   

No targeted sanctions were imposed in order to allow space for dialogue between Maduro’s government and the opposition. Maduro has today however banned the country’s main opposition partiesfrom running in the presidential election to be held next year.  

  • Does the HR/VP agree that his move further restricts political and civilian space in Venezuela and is the opposite of dialogue with opposition parties, one of the conditions for not imposing targeted sanctions last month?  
  • Will the HR/VP discuss this matter with all EU foreign affairs ministers already in Brussels today and if so, will a decision about the imposition of targeted sanctions be considered?