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Judy Asks: Should the Iran Deal Be Scrapped?

Response by Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament


The rare diplomatic unity in the international community that resulted in the JCPOA should stand. Reopening the discussion on nonproliferation, as President Trump does, actually prevents from tackling other urgent topics where Iran’s policies and behavior are a disaster.

Iran’s vital support to Bashar al-Assad has caused extraordinary bloodshed, failed to wipe out the self-proclaimed Islamic State, and sent millions of Syrians adrift. Tehran should be held to account. Similarly, the ongoing human rights violations in Iran go against all international norms, cause systematic suffering, and prevent the country from developing to its full potential.

The EU should take the lead in effectively addressing these thorny issues, as it did to achieve the nuclear deal. Instead of revisiting the JCPOA, it is now time to solve the remaining problems we have with the Islamic Republic of Iran.