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Can Constitutional Free Speech Principles Save Social Media from Itself?

Video: Live NPR Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate

Some are calling for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies to actively police content on their platforms while others caution that enforcing content moderation would violate First Amendment principles—even if the First Amendment itself doesn’t bind private companies.

Join Corynne McSherry of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), David French of the National Review, Marietje Schaake of European Parliament, and Nathaniel Persily of Stanford Law for a live NPR show as they debate whether or not free speech principles can save social media companies from themselves. John Donvan, Emmy Award-winning correspondent for ABC News, moderates.

This program is presented in partnership with Intelligence Squared US and sponsored in part by a generous grant from the Charles Koch Foundation.


The debate took place on March 4th at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Please watch the video here below.