Colombia University: Navigating the Transatlantic Relationship on Digital Issues

Video of the event

On 1 March 2018 Marietje Schaake participated in a discussion about navigating the complex transatlantic relationship on digital issues at Colombia Univeristy. Please find the video of the event here.

More information about the event:

The European Union and the United States are the leading hubs of global information, with deep economic, political, and social ties with each other and with the rest of the world. Despite some inevitable tensions at times, the transatlantic relationship is one two partners on the international scene calibrating their collaboration in a world experiencing a deep transformation around digital and cyber issues.

Leaders in the EU and the US recognize the global normative potential of achieving transatlantic collaboration, as they try to bridge cultural, regulatory and policy gaps in many different areas. At the same time, there is often mistrust, or at least defiance, in the face of major initiatives on both sides of the Atlantic. Taxation, trade, antitrust, data protection, cybersecurity, national security, …: the transatlantic relationship on digital issues is complex and multi-faceted, and our discussion will explore this wide array of issues and their interactions.

At a time of geopolitical instability, where new world powers are emerging to challenge the existing order, can the EU and the US rise to the challenge of better collaboration to compete on the global scene – or are they in the process of being bypassed by other States building the new norms for our digitalized world?

Ms. Schaake will share her thoughts on how there can be greater alignment between EU and US on cybersecurity, why we need transatlantic cooperation now perhaps more than ever and where she sees the most pressing policy issues need to be solved.