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Commission adopts fair use policy on roaming


Today the European Commission adopted a ‘fair use’ policy that enables the abolishment of roaming costs in the EU by June 2017. The fair use policy aims to prevent abusive or anomalous usage of roaming services, which could have negative knock-on effects on domestic prices.

MEP Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE): “The abolishment of roaming in the EU must not be further delayed. With the adoption of this fair use policy another obstacle has been removed on the long road to abolish roaming costs in the EU. However, we’re not there yet. Now the Member States and the European Parliament have to come to an agreement on wholesale roaming charges, which should be finished in February.”

Schaake: “The Commission now fortunately clarifies that Erasmus students or frontier workers can roam like at home. However, the new roaming limits are quite complex for consumers who possess an unlimited data bundle. How much data these users can use for free while they are abroad remains to be seen in practice.”