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Council of Europe confirms strict interpretation net neutrality

Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) welcomes the new net neutrality guidelines from the Council of Europe. Schaake: “The recommendations of the Council of Europe clearly state that net neutrality is about more than infrastructure; it is a fundamental rights issue that affects our freedom of speech and access to information. I therefore urge the European Regulators BEREC to take these recommendations into account in their work on how to implement Europe´s new net neutrality rules”. BEREC is currently in the process of laying down guidelines for the implementation of the EU´s new net neutrality legislation. The new guidelines will be published in August 2016. Zero-rating The Council of Europe emphasizes how the principle of net neutrality underpins non-discriminatory treatment of Internet traffic and the users’ right to receive and impart information, which is a right protected by the European Convention on Human Rights. This right should not be restricted by internet traffic management practices. Schaake: “The recommendations confirm that there is essentially no room for commercial zero-rating practices”. “These recommendations strengthen the role of national regulators to intervene when zero rating would result in the undermining of the essence of end-users rights. Such safeguards are needed and are in line with recital 7 of the EU´s net neutrality rules". In the past the European Parliament has repeatedly expressed its support for stronger guarantees for net neutrality in Europe. Schaake has worked continuously to work to enshrine strong net neutrality rules in Europe and pushed for an explicit ban of zero-rating similar to how this is guaranteed in Dutch law. Marietje Schaake on netneutrality and the telecoms package: 27-10-2015 MEP: strong net neutrality missing in new European telecom rules 30-06-2015 State of Play Telecoms Single Market 30-06-2015 MEP Schaake reacts to preliminary deal on Telecoms Single Market 26-03-2015 MEP: The European Digital Single Market is a pipe dream without a strong Telecom Market 04-03-2015 MEP: Council must adopt a more ambitious plan on Telecoms Single Market 04-03-2015 Letter to the Ministers of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (TTE)... 26-11-2014 MEPs urge the Council to uphold net neutrality and roaming provisions 03-04-2014 MEP: European Parliament supports proposal Schaake to enshrine net neutrality in European law 03-04-2014 Plenary speech on net neutrality in the single telecoms market 18-03-2014 MEP: net neutrality and the open internet traded off in telecoms package 12-09-2013 Schaake: Commissioner Kroes misses historic opportunity to guarantee net neutrality