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Court of Auditors report on pre-accession support to Turkey

Written Questions

Please find below questions I submitted in response to a critical Court of Auditors report on pre-accession support to Turkey. 

A Court of Auditor’s(CoA) report released today on EU pre-accession assistance to Turkey finds that funds spent have ‘barely’ and ‘insufficiently’ addressed fundamental needs in Turkey in the rule of law and governance sectors, in the field of the independence and impartiality of justice, the fight against high level corruption and press freedom. 

The report also concluded that ‘the Commission had made little use of IPA conditionality’. 

  • Is the Commissioner aware of this publication and if so, does he concur with its conclusions and to what degree do these correspond to the previous findings of the external evaluation conducted on pre-accession assistance funds (IPAI&IPAII) as well as the Commission’s midterm review?
  • What concrete action will the Commission take to ensure that the highlighted shortcomings will be remedied for the years remaining under this MFF and can the Commissioner provide a detailed explanation on how all findings related to pre-accession funding, including those in today’s CoA report and the external evaluation will feed into the way pre-accession funds will be organised in the next MFF?
  • Looking at the current situation in Turkey as well as conclusions that there is a ‘lack of political will’ on the side of Turkish authorities, why has the Commission never made use of the conditionality principle explicitly contained in the pre-accession regulation? 

Please find the Court of Auditors here.

In my capacity as chair of the AFET working group on the EU's external financing instruments, I am responsible for a report which makes recommendations on the future of these instruments (including funds for pre-accession support). The draft report and amendments can be found here and will be adopted by the European Parliament in April in plenary. 

I have also called on pre-accession funds for Turkey to be suspended or rerouted to civil society organisations.