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D66: Europe should support victims of IS terror

D66 wants EU High Representative Mogherini, together with the EU member states to come up with an emergency plan for Iraq. The acts of terror committed by IS in Iraq are leading to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. In 2014 alone, more than two million people became displaced. More than five million people in Iraq are currently in need of assistance. Member of the European Parliament for D66 Marietje Schaake: “In addition to countering the Islamic State in Iraq, more attention and aid should be directed to the humanitarian disaster that is occurring in Iraq. IS has already killed thousands of people and in 2014 forced more than two million people to flee within Iraq. If we do not step up our activities, more people will be smuggled to Europe, leading to a lost generation”. Over the weekend, Schaake visited refugees in the Kurdish areas of Iraq. Minorities In those areas in which it holds power, Christians, Yezidi’s and other minorities, which have been living in Iraq for centuries, are being expelled when they do not convert to Islam. “Children are walking around barefoot on frozen soil and there is no psychological support for girls which are being used as sex slaves by IS. While the crisis in Syria is immense, this cannot cloud the fact that Iraqi’s too are in need of dire international support.” Taken together, Iraq and Syria are home to approximately ten million displaced persons and refugees. Most of them are situated in conflict areas beyond the reach of aid. New refugee flows  When new attacks by Kurdish and international forces against IS are successful, chances are high that citizens will have to flee from violence again. Schaake: “In the short term, the situation will likely become worse rather than better. The EU should come up with a comprehensive approach and not only calculate how many bombs are needed to halt IS. The things I have seen this weekend are highly disturbing and may further increase instability. Practices in some places are awfully reminiscent of ethnic cleansing.