Demolition by Israel of Dutch and EU funded projects in West Bank

Written Question to High-Representative Mogherini

Today, Marietje Schaake submitted the question below to High-Representative Federica Mogherini.

Two weeks ago, Israeli authorities dismantled a solar-power installation in the Palestinian village Jubbet a-Dhib (1). The installation, funded by the Dutch government cost nearly half a million euros and was the only source of electricity for the inhabitants of the village.

Israeli authorities argue the project did not have the appropriate permits and was therefore illegal. Israel maintains a policy in which the majority of permit requests in Area C are rejected, which directly restricts Palestinian development in this area.

Additionally, an Israeli authorities have over the past months undertaken an “unprecedented high rate of demolitions of Palestinian structures” (2).

1. Is the HR/VP aware of the situation in Jubbet a-Dhib and if so, has she discussed the demolition of the solar installation as well as the 117 other EU funded programs and structures that were taken down by Israeli authorities in occupied Palestinian territory(OPT) over the past months with Israeli authorities at the highest level?

2. Will the HR/VP discuss with Israeli authorities the immediate reinstatement of all demolished projects in the OPT and/or demand compensation for the costs, both material and in terms of Palestinian livelihoods?

3. In what way will the behaviour of Israeli authorities be reflected in the future financial programming for Israel under the European Neighbourhood Instrument?