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Egypt: Response to European Court of Auditors report on EU support to Egypt

Today the European Court of Auditors issued the following report and press release on its findings on EU financial support to Egypt. The Court concludes that the appropriate and effective spending of 1 billions EUR between 2007-2013 could not be verified. In general the report states that the Commission and the EEAS (the EU's diplomatic service) did too little to ensure that the Egyptian authorities spent and administer the money in a transparent fashin. The Court also notes that the Commission and the EEAS did not sufficiently use the EU's political and financial leverage to ensure that its human rights programs where successful. I have asked High Representative Ashton and Commissioner Fule for the EU's enlargement and neigbourhood policies today to respond to the report in detailed writing. You can read the letter over here. The President of our Liberal Group in the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt has issued the following statement and asked for a plenary debate on the matter in July in Strasbourg. Here is the statement. I am actively involved in the review of one of the EU's so-called "external financing instruments", the European Neighbourhood Instrument, and am pushing for the inclusion of clear benchmarks and conditionalities for aid in the new legislative texts that establishes this instrument. The EU should increase of decrease financial support based on progress made by donor countries in respecting rights and freedoms of citizens, upholding democracy and the rule of law. EU conditialities vis-a-vis thid countries should be more than just words, they need to translate from speech lines and principles to policies and actions. On Egypt specifcally I have called on the EU to freeze all pledged financial asstiance after President Morsi placed himself above the law in November 2012 (link to press release). While the President has repealed several of the decrees establishing this untouchable position many human rights concerns persist in Egypt today. This should be reflected in the EU's policies. In March the European Parliament has adopted the following resolution setting out its priorities for Egypt. Here's a link to the Resolution. For an overview of all my work on Egypt, click here. Kind regards Marietje