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Election results in Iran

press release

According to preliminary results, Iran’s sitting President Hassan Rouhani has won the elections. The people in Iran voted yesterday. MEP Marietje Schaake (ALDE) responds:

“The Iranian people have voted for Rouhani’s moderate reformist path. The results show that the majority of the people do not want to go back to a country with a hard-line, conservative policy, and indeed seek closer ties with the West.”

Human rights and the role of the EU

In 2015 Iran closed an agreement with the European Union and several major countries on containing its nuclear programme. This was the start of a better relationship with the West. Schaake: “Iran still has many big steps to take when it comes to the human rights situation in the country. Freedom of speech is systematically restricted, to name just one element. Europe has to seize the opportunity of the re-election of Rouhani to put human rights on top of the agenda.”

Last week Schaake, together with 28 other Members of the European Parliament, sent a letter to High Representative Mogherini on the human rights situation in Iran.