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EU-Iran Human Rights Dialogue

Written Question

Marietje Schaake sent the following question to High Representative Mogherini today.

A second meeting between the EU and Iran, under the framework of a 'High Level political dialogue' took place in Brussels yesterday. Topics on the agenda were not made public prior to the dialogue. A subsequent press release provided little to no information on the substantive issues discussed, but confirmed that a first exploratory discussion on human rights was held. Similarly, not substantive information was ever provided about the first meeting of the high level political dialogue.

1. Can the VP/HR provide information on the substantive human rights issues discussed in the meeting yesterday; were political prisoners, the right to a fair trial, the need to end torture in prison and the abolition of the death penalty discussed for example?

2. Why were human rights apparently not part of the political dialogue in February, while a fact-sheet on EU-Iran relations states human rights to be 'a core component of our relationship and our agreed political dialogues'?

3. What will be the future framework and timing of the human rights element of the political dialogue and will representatives of the (Iranian) judiciary, security forces and civil society also be invited to participate, as so encouraged in the most recent European Parliament resolution on Iran?