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EU must end silence on human rights violations in Egypt

Press release

Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Egypt, initiated by MEP Marietje Schaake. With this resolution, the Parliament calls on EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and the Member States to condemn the human rights violations taking place under President Sisi’s reign. If the gross violations continue, the EU must take action. 

Schaake: “Egypt is rapidly developing into a dictatorship. In the past weeks, a record number of civilians were tried by military tribunals and executed. Prisons are full to the brim with activists and journalists. Meanwhile the European Commission and Member States are keeping awfully quiet. That is inexcusable. Europa cannot look the other way.”

Prioritise human rights 

Presidential elections in Egypt are taking place in March. Sisi has no competition left since all serious opponents have been arrested or have withdrawn following intimidation. Schaake wants the EU to make clear that cooperation with Egypt only continues under very clear conditions. 

Schaake: "In exchange for shady migration deals Sisi is given free rein. These cynical interests should never take precedence over the fundamental rights of the Egyptian people. As far at the Parliament is concerned, as long as Sisi does not take steps to improve the human rights situation, his government cannot count on financial and diplomatic support from the EU. The current situation is untenable."

Please view below Marietje Schaake's speech during the plenary debate on Egypt on 8 February: