EU must give support to genuine democracy in Egypt

Reacting to the tense and dangerous situation in Egypt this afternoon, Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE President has called on the EU to support the calls for genuine democracy in Egypt. Recognising that millions of people have taken to the streets over the past few days to protest against the government under President Morsi, Guy Verhofstadt said:
"In a democracy it is impossible to ignore the fact that many millions of citizens take to the streets. They demand freedom and democracy, just as they did in the revolution in 2011. Yesterday President Morsi made clear that he does not want to find a solution. The European Union should therefore support the people's demand for Egypt for a new phase of transition that includes all political and civil forces. The Egyptian people made clear again that they do not accept any dictatorship, be it from one man, one party or one majority. We ask all forces to be inclusive and work together towards a free and democratic Egypt for all Egyptians." Marietje Schaake, (D66, the Netherlands), ALDE Spokesperson on Egypt does not see a new military junta in Egypt as a solution to the crisis in the country. "The important issue is to avoid a civil war in Egypt; the polarized and tense situation in the country is very dangerous. The military can play a role in preserving peace and preventing violence between people, but it is essential that the government of the country remains in civilian hands. Democratic achievements since the departure of President Mubarak should not be thrown overboard and need to be seen through and the EU should stand with the Egyptian people, their rights and liberties."