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EU needs to condemn Russian violations of human rights

Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament (ALDE/D66), urges the European Union to continue to condemn the violations of human rights by Russia. Yesterday, the European Parliament voted on a resolution about the human rights situation of the Tatars living in Crimea, which was illegally annexed by the Russia in 2014. The Tatars are an ethnic minority systemically repressed. Schaake: "Since the illegal occupation of the Crimea, Tatar schools and media have been closed. Furthermore, peaceful protesters and opponents of the Russian annexation have been intimidated and arrested. Even though it is not easy to have constructive discussions on Ukraine and Syria with Russia, it is very important that the High Representative and European leaders continue to point out and condemn violations of human rights conducted by the Kremlin. We have to show the Russian people and other people living in occupied territory that the EU does not turn a blind eye on them." Iron grip Furthermore, the internal climate for opponents of the regime in Russia is becoming more and more dangerous. NGOs are for example obliged to report any form of support they receive from outside of Russia, following new laws. Additionally, journalists and activists are assaulted, intimidated and prosecuted. And last year, prominent opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was assassinated. Schaake: "It is clear that Putin wants to strengthen and expand his iron grip on control. The Kremlin fears protests and organised opposition and therefore violates the rights of the Russian people on a large scale. Europe should raise this matter as part of a European agenda on how to deal with Russia. We cannot forget about basic human rights of minorities or freedom of speech."
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