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EU relations with the army of Myanmar

Written questions

On the 12th of March, the Chairman of the EU military committee met with Myanmar's defence attaché.  A picture of this meeting was posted on Twitter by the committee's official account.    

An UN investigation has found that the Burmese army is the main perpetrator of the violence, rape and killings against the Rohingya and should face charges for genocide.  

1. What relations does the EU military committee currently maintain with the army of Myanmar and why have these relations not been suspended given that army's complicity in genocide?  

2. Does the HR/VP agree that the posting of this picture is inappropriate, given the ongoing violence committed by the army and should be removed?

3. In what way are posts and messages on social media channels by EU bodies coordinated or require prior approval in order to ensure there are no discrepancies in messaging and to ensure situations like the one described above are avoided?