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EU sanctions against Russia over bombardments in Syria


MEP calls for EU sanctions against Russia over bombardments in Syria

Marietje Schaake wants the EU to take on a stronger position to end the war in Syria. In recent days a new low point was reached in the brutal violence against citizens in the city of Aleppo. "We want the EU Member States to put sanctions in place against Russia because of the bombardments that the government is perpetrating in Syria. We can no longer accept the paralysis because of internal divisions between Member States, while hospitals, schools and humanitarian aid convoys are being destroyed by bombs. The consequences for the population of Syria are disastrous and spill over to the rest of the Middle East and to Europe.

Common European strategy
Schaake wants EU foreign policy chief Mogherini to develop a common EU strategy. Especially now that talks between the US and Syria have failed, this is more important than ever. Today leaders of France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and the US are meeting in Berlin to try to find ways to resolve the conflict. Schaake: "A divided Europe is a weak Europe. With all the bickering between the European leaders about sheltering refugees, and grim deals with third countries, they are forgetting the actual source of evil: the war itself."

War crimes
Schaake wants the collection of evidence regarding war crimes and crimes against humanity to start immediately. Schaake will make a plea during the debate to free up funding to this end: "Justice for victims seems to be out of reach currently, but is essential. We must do what we can now to be able to bring the perpetrators to justice in the future."

This afternoon the European Parliament will debate on the situation in Aleppo, tomorrow a resolution will be voted. Subsequently a full-fledged resolution on Syria will be voted at the end of October. Starting at 15:00 this afternoon, the debate can be viewed live here.