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EU strategy for Syria: Strong political leadership is needed to avoid Putin and Assad shaping the country’s future

Press release

Yesterday, The European Commission and High Representative Federica Mogherini adopted elements for an EU Strategy for Syria. The ALDE Group has been pushing for a pro-active European leadership to end the bloodshed since Syrian people took to the streets peacefully, urging the HRVP to lead the effort for an inclusive political settlement, based on democratic principles.

The ALDE Group welcomes stronger European involvement but urges the HRVP to show more leadership to regain the initiative and shape the political settlement process towards a democratic, pluralistic and inclusive Syria, and not to merely assist plans developed by other actors.

ALDE MEP, Marietje Schaake (D66, The Netherlands):

"The EU must place explicit conditionalities on the transition in Syria before it pays for reconstruction. A political agreement to which all sides agree is not likely to be found soon, and the EU does not play a role in the political negotiations. If the warring parties want help for reconstruction, accountability mechanisms for war crimes are needed to ensure any transition is viable. Similarly, the EU cannot accept Russia and Iran to walk away from the immense destruction of Syria for which they are responsible, without taking any (financial) responsibility."