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EU support in tackling Lebanon's garbage crisis

Written Questions

Lebanon has been dealing with a garbage crisis since 2015 when its largest landfill closed. Garbage is now dumped into the Mediterranean or burned, with both solutions having negative effects on the environment and public health.  

Recycle Beirut is a small Lebanese organisation trying to tackle the garbage crisis through recycling, while creating job opportunities for Syrian refugees.  

1. Is the European Commission, through its delegation in Beirut, familiar with this organisation, has Recycle Beirut ever applied for EU subsidies or grants, either through the delegation or by participating in tendering procedures or calls of application and if this is the case, has such financial support been granted or denied and what was the reason for this?

2. What policies and financial support measures is the European Commission, in its bilateral relations with Lebanon and under the European Neighbourhood Instrument undertaking to assist Lebanon in tackling the garbage crisis?

3. Does the Commission agree that any measures taken in efforts to curb the garbage crisis in Lebanon should take into account environmental and health concerns and that as such the installation of additional incinerators would not be an appropriate solution?