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EU Syria strategy requires unity

Press release

Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) urgently calls upon the EU to come up with a common position on Syria. Schaake: "It is disgraceful that while schools and hospitals are intentionally bombed and destroyed by the forces of Putin and Assad, EU leaders fail to even agree on a joint response. That the Italian Prime Minister Renzi succeeded in blocking EU sanctions against Putin's loathsome behaviour in Syria undermines the EU's role and credibility. It is shameful."

The EU's job

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the ongoing atrocities in Syria, after debating with High Representative Mogherini on Tuesday. In the debate, Mogherini argued the EU was 'doing its job in Syria' and had nothing to be ashamed about. Schaake: "When babies are bombed out of their incubators in East-Aleppo, hundreds of thousands of people are in danger of dying and Assad and Putin keep violating international law by using chemical weapons and carrying out indiscriminate attacks against the Syrian population, the EU is clearly not doing its job."

Syria Strategy not just on paper

High Representative Mogherini is currently working on an EU Syria strategy. Schaake: "The EU's Syria strategy is long overdue. The war in Syria has lasted longer than WWII. The EU should not mainly focus on the post-conflict reconstruction of Syria but must include concrete actions aimed at ending bombardments and assisting the Syrian population, now and in the future. It is essential that the EU puts pressure on Iran to stop supporting the Assad regime, that sanctions are placed on Russia immediately and that the EU plays a leading role in efforts to document (war) crimes and crimes against humanity committed by all sides in order to hold those responsible to account."