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European Conference (Harvard Kennedy School)



On February 20, Marietje Schaake will participate in the European Conference at Harvard Kennedy School, in the following panel:

The Future of the Transatlantic Relations after the US Presidential Elections

The goal of this panel is to discuss the way ahead for the transatlantic partnership given the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. It is evident that Republicans and Democrats have  differing views on how to move forward with regards to foreign policy. The objective is to analyze the potential implications the future presidential nominee will have on the transatlantic relationship. Given the ongoing US pivot toward the East, it is imperative that the US not lose sight of regional threats posed to both sides and continues to address issues of vital interest and importance. The themes this panel will cover, among others, are the ramifications the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will present to this upcoming administration, the impact the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, Russia’s role on security around the borders of the EU, and the possibility of NATO’s increased engagement in the region. For more information and tickets, visit