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European human rights sanctions regime

Written questions to HR/VP

Last week, the HR/VP chaired the informal foreign affairs council in Austria. Amongst others, the ministers discussed the need to further strengthen multilateralism and reinforceme the rules based multilateral order. The Dutch Parliament has recently adopted an initiative to develop a European Human Rights Sanctions regime, similar to the Magnitsky Act in force in the United States.  

1. Has any such suggestion come up during last week's informal foreign affairs council or any other meeting between the ministers of foreign affairs that the HR/VP was present at?

2. If so, which countries have made such suggestions and does the HR/VP believe there is support for a ‘European Magnitsky Act’ amongst the other EU member states?

3. Following previous calls from the European Parliament, what actions will the HR/VP take in the coming months to further the development of a European human rights sanctions regime?