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European Parliament condemns Brunei's anti-gay legislation

Press release

The European Parliament has just adopted a resolution that strongly condemns the Sultan of Brunei for human rights violations after adopting harsh Sharia laws recently.

MEP Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) responds: “The ferocious corporal punishments that have been introduced in Brunei, like punishing gay sex with death by stoning, are repugnant and go against all international human rights legislation. Capital punishment could even be imposed on children. We, as Europe, have to respond unitedly.”  


Schaake initiated a call on EU Member States to install targeted sanctions as soon as the laws are carried out, and acquired support of the Parliament. Schaake: “With European measures such as a travel ban and the freezing of financial assets, aimed at the Sultan himself, we really put him under pressure. We also want to blacklist the hotels of the Brunei Investment Agency, owned by the Sultan.”

Marietje Schaake continues: “It’s time for European leaders to speak out loud, clear and with one voice about the situation in which the citizens of Brunei find themselves. We have to take action now, to show that we stand up for LGBTI people worldwide, and to prevent people from getting hurt.”  

You can find  the video of Marietje Schaake's intervention in plenary here.