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European Parliament moves forward with European museum pass

Press release

The European Parliament just voted in favour of the proposal by Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) to set up a European museum pass. Schaake proposes to make available 2 million euros to assess the feasibility of a European museum pass and to cover potential start-up costs. She is happy a large major of the Parliament voted in favour of European cultural exchanges today by supporting her amendment to the 2019 budget. 

Schaake: "In the Netherlands we have the opportunity to go to almost any museum for one set price. That possibility does not yet exist on the European level, while we in Europe, from the Louvre to the Gugenheim, have an incredibly rich and diverse culture. A pass at the European level would lower the threshold for cross border museum visits, stimulate European cultural exchanges and allow more people to discover our shared European history." 

Schaake acknowledges that the success of the European museum pass lies in the financial feasibility and the success in stimulating collaboration between museums. She therefor emphasises that the European museum sector needs to be closely involved in the setting up of the European pass. After the start-up costs have been covered the system, similar to how it works in the Netherlands, needs to become self-sufficient. 

Schaake: "In the Netherlands, the museum pass just last year led to a 30 million euro profit for the participating museums. By together with the European museum sector in assessing what would and would not work in terms of logistics and finances, we want to match that success on the European level. The budget we are making available today is only meant to cover the start-up costs. After that the system should become self-sufficient and translate into gains for both museums and consumers."