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European Parliament support for Canadian government on Saudi human rights

Public statement

On August 5th, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared the Canadian ambassador in Riyadh persona non grata, recalled its own ambassador from Ottawa and announced it will halt all new bilateral trade and investment flows.  

The move - a response to Canada’s call to release Saudi civil society, human rights and women’s rights activists - does not stand alone. Saudi Arabia has on previous occasions also pressured both countries and international organisations, including the United Nations, over their critical position regarding Saudi Arabia’s abysmal human rights record.  

We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament stand by and support the statements made by the Canadian government and also condemn the ongoing human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.  

The actions currently undertaken by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman against Canada are disproportionate and set a dangerous precedent. Europe can and must not let itself be pressured into remaining silent over the grave human rights violations committed both within Saudi Arabia and outside, in countries such as Yemen.  

We therefor call on High-Representative Mogherini to issue a public statement, on behalf of the entire EU, in support of the Canadian government.

Signatories include (and are added on a rolling basis):

  • Marietje Schaake
  • Alessia Mosca
  • Pavel Telicka
  • Julie Ward
  • Georgi Pirinski
  • Beatriz Becerra
  • David Martin
  • Matthijs van Miltenburg
  • Ivo Vajgl
  • Yana Toom
  • Petras Austrevicius
  • Ana Gomes
  • Patricia Lalonde
  • Sophie in 't Veld
  • Jude Kirton-Darling
  • Bart Staes
  • Nils Torvalds
  • Anna Maria Corazza Bildt
  • Eva Kaili
  • Karoline Graswander-Hainz
  • John Howarth
  • Heidi Hautula
  • Mark Demesmaeker
  • Alyn Smith
  • Kati Piri
  • Hans-Olaf Henkel
  • Peter van Dalen
  • Petr Jezek
  • Neena Gill
  • Reinhard Butikofer
  • Margrete Auken
  • Sven Giegold
  • Barbara Spinelli
  • Ana Miranda
  • Renate Weber
  • Jordi Sole
  • Lars Adaktusson
  • Bodil Valero
  • Helmut Schulz
  • Pascal Durand
  • Csaba Sogor
  • Molly Scott Cato
  • Izaskun Bilbao Barandica
  • Patrick le Hyaric
  • Nadja Hirsch
  • Indrek Tarand