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European Parliament to oversee emergency support to Syria

Press Release

Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) has been appointed to the board of the 'Madad Fund', on behalf of the European Parliament. This European Commission Trust Fund concentrates the financial support of different EU institutions, member states and other donors under one heading to more effectively distribute aid to those within Syria and its surrounding countries.

Schaake: "The European Parliament has for far too long been excluded from the financial oversight of such emergency funds, while exercising financial oversight is one of the core tasks of the European Parliament. It is extremely important to keep scrutinising the objectives, needs and expenditures of a trust fund. This is the only way to further improve the support the EU provides and as a result, reach more people in need.

The reconstruction of Syria

At the moment, the Madad Fund contains one billion euros. Schaake: "This is an enormous amount, but if the European Union is serious about Syria's reconstruction, member states will have to honour their financial commitments. The Netherlands for example now pays more than what large countries such as France and the United Kingdom have contributed."

Oversight on all Trust Funds needed

Unfortunately, a number of Trust Funds still exist without Parliamentary oversight. Under the so-called Turkey deal, the EU has promised Turkey 3 billion euros to help Syrian refugees living in Turkey. Schaake: "Tensions in EU-Turkey relations continue to rise. This makes it even more important to carefully look at the way in which the money under this murky deal is spent. The European Commission should invite the European Parliament to do so at the earliest possible opportunity."