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Event: A Cybersecurity Strategy for Europe: What Is Missing?

30 Nov -1

Ranging from restrictive behaviour by telecom providers to online fraud and from economic espionage to state-sponsored attacks, threats to cybersecurity require increasingly sophisticated approaches. The Commission elaborated a Cybersecurity Strategy aimed at adding a security dimension to the Digital Single Market, but many maintain that several strategic issues related to the global context have yet to be addressed. How to deal with the global dimension of cyberthreats, especially in light of the attempts to broker a free trade deal between the EU and the US? Which level playing field should be established for security and defence standards? How to reconcile the need for democratic oversight and the increasing role of private actors regarding the security of critical infrastructure and online services?

On January 22ndĀ Marietje Schaake, will debate these issues with Robert Madelin, Director General of the DG CONNECT, European Commission.

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