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Event: EIF Breakfast Debate - Foreign Policy and Human Rights Aspects of ICT - 25 April 2012

30 Nov -1


25 April 2010

Locations: Private Salon, European Parliament in Brussels

Speakers: Andrea Glorioso, European Commission DG INFSO Margaret Wachenfeld, Institute for Human Rights and Business Daniel Calingaert, Freedom House

Over the past years, events around the world have shown that ICT, specially Internet, have enabled political change to happen. Developed countries are not immune to this trend, where technology, combined to freedom of expression, is a potent vehicle for citizens to be heard in a more instantaneous and collaborative fashion. At times where the EU institutions are developing new policies and guidelines on the links between Human Rights and ICT, it is essential to deepen the dialogue between decision-makers, civil society and business in order to ensure that information can keep flowing to the benefits of citizens’ rights around the world while encouraging technological innovation.


 Welcome and introductory remarks:

Marietje Schaake, MEP and EIF Governor

Views from the European Commission: the institutional dimension Andrea Glorioso, Coordinator of the Internet Policy and Governance Team at the European Commission DG INFSO

Views from the civil society: the NGO dimension Margaret Wachenfeld, Senior Legal Advisor at the Institute for Human Rights and Business

Views from the advocacy community: Daniel Calingaert, Vice President of Policy and External Affairs at Freedom House