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Event: Fingers on the buttons: Click for Change

30 Nov -1

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When youngsters in the Arab world took to the streets and ousted their dictators, it appeared that the end of oppression was a fact. The social media played an important role here. While new technologies can emancipate individuals, governments can also consolidate their grip on the internet. Is it possible for social media to still kickstart a movement? Marietje Schaake (MEP for D66) interviews Egyptian activist Amr Gharbeia who used to work for the Egyptian Institute for Personal Rights, the Dutch journalist Rena Netjes and Maher Hamoud, editor-in-chief of The Daily News Egypt. For more information and tickets click here. About the panel Rena Netjes (@RenaNetjes) is a news correspondent in Egypt, where she worked for Dutch and Belgian news outlets such as BNR Nieuwsradio, het Parool, NOS, Trouw and Earlier this month Netjes had to urgently leave Egypt, when it was announced that, together with three other foreign journalists and sixteen Egyptians, she had been accused of aiding a terrorist organization. In 2013 Netjes was also briefly detained in Egypt after being accused of spying. When Amr Gharbeia (@gharbeia) decided to take a six month sabbatical as a translator and librarian in 2004, he could not have guessed that he started a period of more than six years of linking Arabic content on the web with street activism, and helping civil society and the grassroots using technology for social change. He became a free software advocate and one of the earliest bloggers in Egypt. Gharbeia worked in and with several human rights groups, including Amnesty International, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, and Frontline Defenders. His idea for a hope in the future includes a whole stack of free technologies, from permaculture, to 3D printing and home manufacturing, to the Debian operating system and decentralised telecom infrastructures. Maher Hamoud (@MaherHamoud1) is the editor-in-chief of The Daily News Egypt, the country's only independent daily newspaper in English. His academic background is in the areas of economic development and political science. His professional experience vary between TV hard news production, economic journalism and finally editorial management. He is also an academic researcher on Middle East politics with a focus on Egypt, revolutionary dynamics and political power of the business elite. Marietje Schaake @MarietjeSchaake)  is a Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Democratic Party (D66) with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) political group. She serves on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, where she focuses on neighbourhood policy, Turkey in particular; human rights, with a specific focus on freedom of expression, internet freedom, press freedom; and Iran. In the Committee on Culture, Media, Education, Youth and Sports she works on Europe's Digital Agenda and the role of culture and new media in the EU´s external actions. In the Committee on International Trade she focuses on intellectual property rights, the free flow of information and the relation between trade and foreign affairs. Organisation: deBuren in cooperation with De Groene Amsterdammer