Event: Privatising the rule of law online: Freedom of speech, copyright and platforms in the digital single market

30 Nov -1

privatising_the_ruleoflaw_online_20150616 PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ROOM FOR THIS EVENT HAS CHANGED TO ROOM ASP 1G-2. Please register for the event here. Detailed programme 15.00-16.30 Regulating online speech: Liability, hate speech and incitement - where are the limits of democracy? 15.00-15.05 Introduction by Marietje Schaake MEP 15.05-15.20 Tarlach McGonagle (Ivir) 15.20-15.30 Paul Nemitz (DG JUST, European Commission) 15.30-15.40 Malcolm Hutty (EuroISPA) 15.40-15.50 Richard Allan (Facebook) 15.50-16.30 Q&A moderated by Joe McNamee (EDRi) 16.30-18.00 Privatised law enforcement and copyright enforcement 16.30-16.40 Jean Bergevin (DG Grow, European Commission) 16.40-16.50 Pierre Francois Docquir (Article 19) 16.50-17.00 Marco Pancini (Google) 17.00-17.10 Christina Angelopoulos (University of London) 17.10-18.00 Q & A moderated by Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE)