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Event: Seminar on Iran: 'Momentum for openness? What opportunities for the future of EU-Iran relations?'

30 Nov -1

On 4 december I will host a seminar on Iran in the European Parliament. This seminar will bring together different stakeholders, experts, opposition activists and academics to focus on the question whether the new political leadership in Iran, under president Rouhani, leads to opportunities and could improve relations after years of (self-) isolation. The meeting will be structured as follows: Opening Marietje Schaake – Member of European Parliament, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Tarja Cronberg – Member of European Parliament, Greens, Chair of the Delegation for relations with Iran Panel 1 - 'State of play EU-Iran relations' Johan Gernandt – Lawyer at Swedish law firm Vinge, specialising in international arbitration and dispute settlement Hamid Sabi – London-based lawyer and initiator of the Iran Tribunal Panel 2 – 'Potential future of EU-Iran trade relations' Mehdi Varzi – Founder and president of Mehdi Energy consultancy Shahriar Ahy – Former Iranian politician and expert on media management The meeting will take place from 13:00 until 17:00 in the European Parliament in room JAN 4Q1. To register for this event, please send an e-mail to Please include your full name, nationality, date of birth and passport/ID number so that we may arange access to the Parliament.