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Export of dual-use technologies (EIF)


Export of dual-use technologies Breakfast Debate 

Hosted by European Internet Forum

25 March, 08:00 - 09:30 Private Salon, European Parliament

Technologies can empower people, strengthen democratisation and promote and protect human rights. However, technology can also be used to repress people and to violate human rights.

Reports show that European companies play a central role in the proliferation of dangerous surveillance and intrusion technologies around the world. These technologies have in the past been exported all over the world almost freely and research has shown that they have often been used to violate human rights and digital freedoms. Not only are these technologies detrimental to human rights, they also pose a significant threat to European strategic interests and our digital infrastructure.

The EU and the member states are finally slowly waking up to the dangers and problems surrounding the unregulated export of dangerous technologies and the export control list has recently been adapted which makes it harder to export certain technologies. However, we are still waiting for an urgently needed comprehensive proposal from the Commission for an update of the export control policy to make it more coherent, more centralised and more effective.

At the same time it is crucial to make sure that the right products are controlled, so that we do not hamper exchange of information, research or prevent the export of technologies which could actually protect human rights. We need a smart implementation of export control policies to make sure that we can safeguard human rights and digital freedoms and protect our own strategic interests.

  • Welcome and introduction: Marietje¬†Schaake, MEP and EIF Steering Committee Member
  • Speakers: TBD
  • Exchange of views with participants
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