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Follow up questions: Syrian security official in Italy despite sanctions

Written questions

On March 19th, myself and 21 other Members submitted questions to the HR/VP about the visit of Ali Mamlouk - a member of the Assad regime and subject to EU sanctions since 2013 - to Italy. The reply we received on June 5th did not reply to any of our questions. Could the HR/VP therefore answer:

  • Whether she is aware of Mr Mamlouk’s visit to Italy and whether she will retroactively condemn his presence in an EU Member State, despite his listing on the EU sanctions list?
  • Under universal jurisdiction, national courts may prosecute individuals for violations of international law, including crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide; does the VP/HR agree that the Italian authorities should have arrested Mr Mamlouk in Italy to hold him to account for the ongoing atrocities committed by President Assad and his regime against the Syrian population?
  • Is the HR/VP aware of any exception requested by the Italian government for Mr Mamlouk to visit Rome under article 27 of Council Regulation 2013/255, if so, has this exception been communicated to the Council, as is Italy’s legal obligation under article 27 and what actions will the HR/VP take if it is determined that Italy violated its obligations under Council Regulations 2013/255 by allowing Mr Mamlouk to enter its territory?