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French sales to Egypt demonstrate need to reform EU export control system


Today, the French magazine Telerama, published a story which demonstrates how controversial French company Amesys has changed its name and shareholders in order to sell surveillance software to the new Egyptian authorities  

MEP Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE): "The cynical behaviour of Amesys makes clear that these companies will sell their surveillance tools without taking into account the human rights situation pf the destination of their sales. The European Parliament is determined to change this in the ongoing review of the EU's export control rules. Human rights should be a clear aspect that export control authorities need to take into account before they grant a license to companies like Amesys. In the case of Egypt, where human rights are systematically and structurally violated, this should have stopped certain exports."

Note: The EU is currently revising  the legal framework to control the export of dual use items. You can find my amendments to the proposal of the Commission here. They should be read in conjunction with the Commission’s proposal which can be found here. You can find the annexes to the Commission’s proposal here