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Grindr and data privacy concerns

Written question

This week US national security officials ordered Beijing Kunlun Tech to sell its majority stake in dating app Grindr in order to avoid potential exploitation by the Chinese government of user data collected by the app. Grindr's privacy policy states that collected data may be shared with a parent company and that the owner of Grindr 'will possess the personal data'. 

Millions of European's use Grindr on a daily basis. While Kunlun Tech is not owned by the Chinese government, Chinese data localisation requirements make it possible for data collected by Grindr to be transferred to China.

1. Is the European Commission aware of the decision by US officials above and have similar concerns about Chinese access to the data of European Grindr users been discussed and/or investigated by the Commission?

2. Will the Commission investigate Chinese data localisation requirements when it comes to data collected by Grindr to ensure no data of European Grindr users is transferred, owned or possessed by the Chinese government?

3. If data collected by Grindr is found to be transferred to the Chinese government, how does that related to GDPR data transfer requirements and what subsequent measures does the Commission have at its disposal to put an immediate stop to such transfers by Grindr?