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ICC investigation into Libyan detention centres

Written Question to Commissioner Hahn

Marietje Schaake recently tabled the following questions to Commissioner Hahn in response to a possible ICC investigation into the situation in Libyan detention centres.

In February 2017 the European Council made ‘seeking to ensure adequate reception capacities and conditions in Libya for migrants’ a priority(1). The EU has mobilised enormous amounts of money to manage migration in Libya. The latest financial package contains 90 million euros meant to improve conditions at Libyan ‘reception centres’. Yet reports about appalling conditions, including torture, abuse and human rights violations are rife and include a German diplomatic cable which compared Libyan detention centres to concentration camps(2).

The Prosecutor of the ICC today announced her office is looking into opening an investigation into migrant-related crimes in Libya, including inhumane detention(facilities)(3).

1. Is Commissioner Hahn aware of the remarks by Fatou Bensouda and if so, how likely does he think it is an ICC investigation will include EU funds to Libyan detention centres?

2. Can the Commissioner, in the annex to his answer provide a detailed and complete overview of EU financial support to Libya, which was distributed and/or planned under the European Neighbourhood Instrument, the Instrument contributing to Peace and Stability and the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, to manage migration, as well as its beneficiaries? 

3. Will the Commission start an independent investigation in the manner in the circumstances under which EU funds are spent in Libya, given this latest news?