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Implementation of the EU code of practice to fight disinformation

Written question to the Commission

Today MEP Marietje Schaake filed the following written question to the European Commission.

By the end of this week the participants of the EU code of practice to fight disinformation will publish their reports on how they have implemented the code until now. In point 12 of the code signatories, including Facebook, commit “not to prohibit or discourage good faith research into Disinformation and political advertising on their platforms”. However, last week, Facebook has blocked the ability to automatically pull ad targeting information from a number of external organisations including ProPublica and Who Targets me. Whereas anti-scraping measures are needed in certain cases, the installment of browers plug-ins of these organisations have empowered internet users and proved to be instrumental in tracking political advertisements, thereby providing essential independent data into the proliferation of political advertisements.  

  1. How does the Commission assess the compatibility of this action with commitment 12 of the Code of Practice?
  2. What are the tools available to the Commission in case signatories are found in violation of the Code?