Infringement of dual-use export restrictions to Russia

Written Questions

Following the illegal annexation of Crimea, the European Council imposed restrictions on economic relations with Russia. These measures include an export ban on dual-use goods for military use or military end users.  

A BILD investigation illustrates how German manufactured ‘folding propellers’ are being used on Russian military drones (1).  

  1. Is the Commission aware of the BILD investigation and/or any other reports of European produced goods or services being exported in contradiction to sanctions in place and will it, together with the relevant customs and judicial authorities of member states start an investigation into continuing infringements of the EU sanctions regime?
  2. Does the Commission agree that customs authorities when assessing export licence applications, should not only take into account the intended end-use of the products, but also carry out a risk assessment, as proposed in the draft dual-use regulation, in order to ascertain that the goods will not be used for other purposes?
  3. Can the Commission clarify how to ensure that the end use or objective of provided services or goods is to be respected when these are geographically defined and can the Commission clarify the degree to which companies are responsible for ensuring that the end use or destination of their services and goods are not covered by sanctions?