Intensifying crackdown in Egypt on freedom of speech and human rights defenders

Written Questions

On 24 May, Marietje Schaake submitted parliamentary questions on the intensifying crakcown in Egypt to HR/VP Frederica Mogherini. Please find the questions below. 

On 23 May 2018, Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas was arrested(1). Mr Abbas, a fierce critic of the Egyptian government, blogs about accounts of torture and corruption. A day earlier, a military court sentenced  journalist Ismail Alexandrani to ten years in prison(2). 

These are but two examples of an intensifying crackdown underway in Egypt to silence any form of dissent and to stifle civil society. 

While torture, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings of human rights defenders and journalists are rife, the HR/VP still has not spoken out publicly against Sisi's authoritarian policies. 

1. Why has no statement by the HR/VP, or at least by a spokesperson, been made about recent developments in Egypt and is the HR/VP planning on condemning the arrest of Wael Abbas and the conviction of Ismail Alexandrani as well as the broader policies and crackdown by Egyptian authorities?

2. What human rights and democracy conditions are attached to ENI funding provided to Egypt and has the HR/VP, together with the Commission considered suspending parts of this financial support in response to current developments?