Letter to Commissioner Moscovici on reduced VAT rates for digital books

On March 6th, Marietje Schaake and other MEPs in the ALDE Group wrote a letter to Commissioner Moscovici. They respond to a ruling of the European Court of Justice concerning VAT rates on electronic books. According to the Court, a reduced VAT rate is only allowed for physical books and papers, and not for electronic versions. The ALDE MEPs are concerned this current legal situation hampers the digital economy. Please find the letter to Commissioner Moscovici below. Update: the answer of Commissioner Moscovici of 25 March 2015 can be found further below.
Dear Commissioner Moscovici, On March 5th the European Court of Justice ruled out the application of low VAT rates on eBooks and ePapers. Given that the low VAT rates may be applied to printed books and papers, this puts eBooks and ePapers at a disadvantage. This is not only a distortion of competition, but it is contrary to the priority objectives of the EU Digital Agenda and to the EU2020 objectives for the knowledge economy. Europe urgently needs a boost to its economy. Applying rules from the previous century in the internet era makes no sense, and puts Europe at a disadvantage. ALDE urges the Commission to put forward as soon as possible proposals for VAT rates that reflect the new reality in the internet age, and that will put Europe in the lead again in the digital economy. We are looking forward to your reply. With kind regards,