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Letter to US Congress on Transatlantic relations


Brussels, January 8th 2019

Dear Members of Congress,

We warmly congratulate you on your inauguration last week and look forward to working with you across the Atlantic. At a time in which we face global challengers to our freedom and prosperity, the well-being of the people we represent is better defended when politicians in liberal democracies join forces.

This is why we are concerned about the increasingly harmful approach from the White House when it comes to Transatlantic relations. When President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and the US ambassador to the EU Sondland speak about Europe, they lambast the EU as bureaucratic, make no secret of their preference to deal with individual member state governments bilaterally, and have praised populist and nationalist movements.

In a surprising development, it was revealed today that the EU Ambassador to the US lost his position on the Diplomatic List of Precedence and was down to permanently remain at the bottom of the list. This is no way to treat partners, especially as neither the EU High Representative nor the EU Ambassador to the US was formally notified of this change, as would be expected under customary diplomatic practice.

 Such moves play into the hands of rival global powers and can only lead to greater fragmentation rather than much needed increased cooperation. Together, we can address cross-border challenges coming from climate change, economic inequality, digitalisation and global terrorism. Yet in order to do so, we need to strengthen and not undermine each other.

We look forward to working with you to build on a Transatlantic relation we have long cherished, and to modernise it for a better, shared future.


Christian EHLER                    Jeppe KOFOD                       Marietje SCHAAKE

     Chair                                Vice-Chair                                 Vice-Chair

Please find the PDF and formatted version of the letter here: 1546982749-Letter EP US Delegation to Congress Members 8 Jan 2019 final.pdf