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Marietje Schaake at UN launch ´Alliance for Torture-Free Trade´

Press Release

Member of the European Parliament (ALDE/D66) Marietje Schaake will attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York on the 18th of September. She will be part of the launch of the ´Alliance for Torture-Free Trade´, an initiative of the European Union, Mongolia and Argentina to end the trade in goods used to carry out the death penalty and torture. 

Schaake: “Unfortunately, torture and the death penalty still take place in many countries around the world, involving products that are traded internationally. The European Union condemns torture and the death penalty, always and everywhere. At the beginning of GA Assembly, we invite more countries to join, and aim to build a global coalition.”  

Export control rules

Schaake was in charge of updating the EU's anti-torture regulation through the European Parliament. Last year her report to strengthen export control rules was adopted by a broad majority. Vital parts of the updated EU legislation include a ban on marketing, a ban on transit through the EU and a ban for European businesses to function as an intermediary for deals.  

Schaake: “It is essential that we continue making the connection between human rights and trade. The EU is the biggest trading bloc in the world, our export control laws have effect on worldwide trade flows. If more countries join the Alliance for Torture-Free Trade we can limit these toxic trade flows. This way, the European Union is taking responsibility and the initiative for a more righteous world.”  

About the Alliance for Torture-Free Trade: