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Marietje Schaake responds to publishing TTIP documents

Today, the European Commission has made public EU negotiating texts and proposals for the TTIP negotiations, in line with the Transparency initiative announced by Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström. Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66), responds. "It is good to see that the Commissioner is now fulfilling her commitment on more transparency for the TTIP negotiations. It is important that citizens and stakeholders have more access to the negotiations, so that we can have a fact-based discussion and make sure that the priorities for the EU are clear. Only then can we make sure that we get a final text which benefits Europe and Europeans. I hope people will go and actually read these texts, so that they can see what TTIP is and is not about." "Earlier this week, the Latvian presidency of the EU announced that trans-Atlantic relations and TTIP would be one of the priorities for the upcoming six months. It is important that the member states really commit to engaging in the broader discussion on TTIP and its potential benefits. Hopefully, keeping TTIP a priority within the Council will be a step towards doing so. The governments of member states initiated the negotiations by giving the European Commission a negotiating mandate and they can best explain how TTIP could have an impact on their citizens" The texts are available on the Commission's website: