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Marietje Schaake welcomes WSIS+10 outcome document

wsis2 This week government leaders from more than 190 countries will assemble for the 10 Year Review of the World Summit on the information society (WSIS+10 in UN-lingo) at the UN in New York, one of the most important fora to discuss the future of internet governance. In the coming two days these leaders are expected to endorse a so-called “outcome document”, which was prepared in long negotiations between representatives from governments, the private sector, civil society and other relevant stakeholders. 10 more years for the IGF Marietje Schaake is a Member of European Parliament and serves on the Global Commission for Internet Governance. She welcomes the outcome document: “I am glad to see that the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum was extended for another 10 years. The outcome document reaffirms the value and principle of a multi-stakeholder approach to internet governance. This is an important statement in a world where states are seeking new ways to increase their control over the internet”. Earlier this year the European Parliament also called for an extension of the mandate of the IGF. Net neutrality: a wasted opportunity While the document recognizes that nondiscriminatory regulatory and legal systems have facilitated significant gains in connectivity and sustainable development, earlier explicit references to the principle of net neutrality did not make it to the final outcome document. Schaake: “The discussion on net neutrality and zero rating remains a hot potato which is not adequately addressed in the outcome document. This is a wasted opportunity, since clear net neutrality remains a key pillar of the open internet”. Protecting human rights and security online The text reaffirms that the same rights that people have offline must also be protected online, and calls for the promotion of a “global culture of cybersecurity”. Schaake: “These are two important foundational statements which need to be read together. Governments are increasingly acting alone online in order to protect their national security. We can´t allow unilateral actions by governments that infringe our rights and weaken our security at the same time”.