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Media (France24, Talking Europe) - The EU and Turkey: Who needs whom more?


On Saturday, October 24, Marietje Schaake participated in a panel on France24 regarding the relationship between Turkey and the European Union.

Today, Turkey is seen as the solution to the European Union's refugee crisis. How much is the EU willing to give Turkey and what will Ankara demand? The country is gearing up for parliamentary polls on November 1st. A vote in which the ruling Justice and Development or AK party hopes to regain its absolute majority, something it had enjoyed for 13 years but lost last June. The climate is tense with growing concerns for the treatment of the Kurdish population and press freedom. Marietje SCHAAKE - Dutch MEP, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Guldener SONOMUT -NTV Journalist Geoffrey VAN ORDEN -British MEP, Conservatives and Reformists video-icon   You can watch the video on the website of France24. france24-schaake2 See also on Turkey: 23-10-2015 Letter to President Juncker and High Representative Mogherini concerning the EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan 12-10-2015 Written Questions on halting the broadcast of tv channels in Turkey 01-09-2015 Written Questions on press freedom in Turkey 08-06-2015 MEP: Turkish election results offer opportunity to improve EU-Turkey relations 21-05-2015 MEP: Turkey must reverse authoritarian trend to remain a key EU partner 20-05-2015 Plenary debate on the 2014 Progress Report on Turkey 22-04-2015 MEPs: We must defend all those standing on the front-line for free speech in Turkey 07-04-2015 Media (CNN) – Schaake: Turkey internet blockade is bad for business 06-04-2015 Media (Bloomberg) – Facebook, Twitter to Appeal as Turkey Blocks Social Media 31-03-2015 MEP responds to acquittal 236 suspects in Balyoz/Sledgehammer case