Media: Munich Security Conference 2013

At the Munich Security Conference 2013 Marietje talks to German TV on how she uses social media in her work as a politician and to connect with voters and citizens all around the globe. She also shares her concerns about the use of ICTs for repression and human rights violations and explains what she means with digital arms trade and how to stop it. You can watch the full interview at the website of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. On Saturday evening Marietje participates in the panel From Talleyrand to Twitter: Diplomacy in a Digital Age, with Carl Bildt (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden), Radosław Sikorski (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland) Anne Marie Slaughter (Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University and former director for policy planning of the US State Department) and Matt Thomlinson (Microsoft).  Video impressions of this Night Cap Session can be found here.